The Magazine Project – The Briefs

As the deadline looms for the publication of our sports magazine, we will need to turn our attention to creating its various components.

You will be split into the following groups in order to produce the items below:

1 – Editorial and Feature Article: Josh, Leonardo, Jesse, Bevis, Devonte

2 – Sports Day Features: Hanif, Tyrese, Alfie, Matthew

3 – Interviews: Adam, Sacha, Isete, Reneil

4 – Feature Articles: Ramin, Billy, Connor, Ramel, Bilal

5 – Front Cover and Contents: Dion, Javaughan, Charlie, Omarion

Editorial Feature Articles Front Cover and Contents Interviews Sports Day

Homework: Who am I?

As the year is drawing to a close, I would like us to reflect on who we are as a class.

Throughout A Little Piece of Ground, Karim undergoes some important changes to his outlook on life as he experiences some of his most significant moments.

I would like you to write an autobiography of at least 500 words in length that reflects on the most important moments in your life so far.

This work will be due Friday 26th June. You should spend some time completing the task tonight for homework.

Autobiography Task

Building a Base

As Karim and Hopper take Joni to their make-shift football pitch, Joni begins to plot bigger plans for their piece of ground. They begin to plan how they will build their own base using the abandoned car they have found.

This lesson asks you to transform your reading of the language into a visualisation of your interpretation of the abandoned plot of land the boys are inhabiting. It also asks you to consider why the boys want to build a base in the first place.

Building a Base

Bravery or Foolishness?

Within Chapter 11, Karim is faced with a difficult decision: to follow the crowds fleeing the bomb scare or to investigate what Hopper was doing on the rooftops.

This lesson takes a look at some of the language and grammatical features Laird implements within her writing that enable us to understand how Karim is feeling in this moment.

This will enable us to make a judgement as to whether Karim is brave or foolish for running towards the ‘bomb’.

Bravery or Foolishness?

Describing the Settlements

A Little Piece of Ground is a novel with a social and political message. This week we will be turning our attention to how Elizabeth Laird embeds her message into her writing to influence the reader’s understanding of events in Palestine.

This lesson focusses on how she describes the Israeli settlements, particularly her use of contrasting imagery and metaphor.

There is an additional challenge for this lesson: to use the word ‘militarise’ appropriately within your writing.

Describing the Settlements

Lesson 6 – Shame

How does Elizabeth Laird explore the theme of shame in Chapter 6?

We have all felt shame at one point or another, either in ourselves or as a result of other people. For Karim, this shame appears twice in quick succession. But what causes Karim to feel ashamed?

More importantly, how do his circumstances affect the shame he feels?


Context – Life in a refugee camp

Before we continue reading A Little Piece of Ground, it is important that we spend some time developing our knowledge of refugee camps.

Karim has just met Hopper, a boy he knows from school who lives in a refugee camp in Ramallah, Palestine. He knows that the boys who grow up in the refugee camps live a tough life and that his parents tell him it is probably best for him to steer clear of the people who live there.

So what makes Karim’s parents think this? What is it really like to live in a refugee camp?

Context – Life in a Refugee Camp